Las Vegas Cigar Company

Nix hand rolled cigar
When I first opened my store my son Nick, who was Six years old at the time, was in the store and wanted to make a cigar.  So we gave him some tobacco and he rolled a little cigar.  He gave it to me to smoke, so I did.  A lot of customers were coming up and asking if they could buy a cigar like that, so I started making them and I called them “Nix."
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Price: $3.00
Panetela hand rolled cigar
Another cigar named by the Cubans.  Panetela was a thin, long pastry so they made a thin, long cigar and called it Panetela.
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Price: $5.44
Retro Butane Lighter
This butane lighter made by Prince is a throwback replica circa late 50's early 60's.
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Price: $55.95
Rothchild hand rolled cigar
Like the Churchill this cigar was named by the Cubans for La Fete Rothschild, who owned wine vineyards in France. He wanted a short, full bodied cigar.
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Price: $6.00
Rum hand rolled cigar
Using Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, The outer leaf of the cigar is coated to give the smoker a rum flavored taste. After which the cigars are placed in a humidor container With rum to ensure just a little hint of spiced rum aroma while the cigar is being smoked.
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Price: $157.50
Sampler Pack
Sampler Pack contains: 2 Nix, 2 Panetela, 2 Corona Largo 2 Montefino, 3 Corona, 3 Rothchild

Customers can also make their own Sampler Pack - Call us at 800.432.4277 to find out how!
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Price: $79.26
Three Finger Travel Case
This all leather case hold 3 cigars of various lengths. Designed to keep in your shirt pocket, golf bag, or glove box keep your cigars fresh all day.
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Price: $35.95
Torpedo hand rolled cigar
This cigar is a 54 ring with the head of the cigar tapered.  Because of the taper, the cigar gets richer as you smoke it. The Torpedo is a fine cigar, with a lot of flavor.
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Price: $10.48
5" x 30 Ring
Vanilla Flavored
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Price: $3.00