Las Vegas Cigar Company

Blazer Pocket Micro Torch
The original BLAZER Pocket Micro Torch! Featuring our industry first state-of-the-art piezo quartz crystal instant ignition system, a powerful wind resistant 2500ºF flame and all the portability you'll ever need in a unique and powerful package. 

A record of unsurpassed quality and reliablity will have you reaching for this handy tool time and again! 
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Price: $59.95
Burl Wood Humidor
Keep your valuable Cigars fresh and ready to smoke. This Burl wood gem is Spanish Cedar lined and holds 75 cigars, with tray, humidifier and hygrometer.
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Price: $175.00
Cherry Wood Humidor
This elegant Cherry Wood humidor is lined with Spanish Ceder and is a 20 count size. Comes with an internal humidifier, cigar separator and has brass hinges.
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Price: $42.95
5" x 30 Ring
Our Chocolate flavored cigars are made the same way as our most popular cigars, only using a Chocolate flavoring. Giving it the same aromatic smoke as all of our flavored cigars. 
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Price: $3.10
Churchill hand rolled cigar
This is probably the most famous name of any cigar. Sir Winston Churchill wanted a long, big cigar.  So, when the Cubans made it for him they called it Churchill.  The length and thickness of this cigar makes it a cooler smoke and a lot of flavor.
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Price: $7.64
Corona hand rolled cigar
This is another cigar named by the Cubans.  It is about the same length as a leaf of filler and, the top of the leaf is the corona.  When you light the cigar you are lighting the corona part of the leaf so they called it “Corona."
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Price: $6.20
Corona Largo hand rolled cigar
Corona Largo-
Basically this is the same as Corona, but longer and a little thicker which makes it a cooler smoke.
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Price: $6.54
El Rey Corto hand rolled cigar
El Rey-
This means "the king", and it is with a 62 x 5 size. S If you like a big ring gauge, this is it.  It gives you a lot of smoke and great flavor almost immediately.
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Price: $8.12
Excalibur hand rolled cigar
With a 52 x 8 3/4" size, the Excalibur is the maximum amount of smoke for those guys who like to smoke for an hour and a half.  A very cool smoke.
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Price: $8.34
Fuma short filler hand rolled cigar
This is my short filler cigar. It has all the tobacco I use in my long filler cigars, it’s just in small pieces.

Wondering the difference between long and short fillers? Be sure to take a look at our VIDEOS section to find out the difference!

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Price: $5.65
Hard Shell Travel Humidor
Xtreme Cigar Protection! This hard shell case holds 5 cigars of various lengths. It is lined with foam and have a build in refillable humidifier and can even be locked to protect your valuable cigars from unwanted intruders.... namely your buddies!
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Price: $28.50
5" x 30 Ring 
Our premium flavored cigars are made the same way as our most popular cigars; only using a Mango flavoring, giving it the same aromatic smoke as all of our flavored cigars.
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Price: $3.10
Montefino hand rolled cigar
The ring gauge of this cigar 52 x 61/2” is supposed to be the optimum ring gauge to smoke which gives you the best combination of smoke and air.
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Price: $7.40