Blazer Pocket Micro Torch (Las Vegas Cigar Company)
Blazer Pocket Micro Torch
Description: The original BLAZER Pocket Micro Torch! Featuring our industry first state-of-the-art piezo quartz crystal instant ignition system, a powerful wind resistant 2500ºF flame and all the portability you'll ever need in a unique and powerful package. 

A record of unsurpassed quality and reliablity will have you reaching for this handy tool time and again! 
Base SKU: Blazer Pocket Micro Torch
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   Burl Wood Humidor (Las Vegas Cigar Company)
Burl Wood Humidor
Description: Keep your valuable Cigars fresh and ready to smoke. This Burl wood gem is Spanish Cedar lined and holds 75 cigars, with tray, humidifier and hygrometer.
Base SKU: Burl Wood Humidor
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   Cherry Wood Humidor (Las Vegas Cigar Company)
Cherry Wood Humidor
Description: This elegant Cherry Wood humidor is lined with Spanish Ceder and is a 20 count size. Comes with an internal humidifier, cigar separator and has brass hinges.
Base SKU: Cherry/Burl/Mahagony Wood Humidor
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   Golf Bag Humidor (Las Vegas Cigar Company)
Golf Bag Humidor
Description: Crush your Drives Not Your Cigars! This accessory stands 8 1/2 inches tall and holds four cirgars up to 8" long. It also includes a two fingered cutter, 3 golf tees, 4 screwtop tubes, and also includes a torch lighter.
Base SKU: Golf Bag Humidor
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   Hard Shell Travel Humidor (Las Vegas Cigar Company)
Hard Shell Travel Humidor
Description: Xtreme Cigar Protection! This hard shell case holds 5 cigars of various lengths. It is lined with foam and have a build in refillable humidifier and can even be locked to protect your valuable cigars from unwanted intruders.... namely your buddies!
Base SKU: Hard Shell Travel Humidor
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   Retro Butane Lighter (Las Vegas Cigar Company)
Retro Butane Lighter
Description: This butane lighter made by Prince is a throwback replica circa late 50's early 60's.
Base SKU: Retro Butane Lighter
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   Three Finger Travel Case (Las Vegas Cigar Company)
Three Finger Travel Case
Description: This all leather case hold 3 cigars of various lengths. Designed to keep in your shirt pocket, golf bag, or glove box keep your cigars fresh all day.
Base SKU: Travel Case
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