Churchill (Las Vegas Cigar Company)
Churchill hand rolled cigar
Description: Churchill-
This is probably the most famous name of any cigar. Sir Winston Churchill wanted a long, big cigar.  So, when the Cubans made it for him they called it Churchill.  The length and thickness of this cigar makes it a cooler smoke and a lot of flavor.
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   Corona (Las Vegas Cigar Company)
Corona hand rolled cigar
Description: Corona-
This is another cigar named by the Cubans.  It is about the same length as a leaf of filler and, the top of the leaf is the corona.  When you light the cigar you are lighting the corona part of the leaf so they called it “Corona."
Base SKU: Corona
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   Corona Largo (Las Vegas Cigar Company)
Corona Largo hand rolled cigar
Description: Corona Largo-
Basically this is the same as Corona, but longer and a little thicker which makes it a cooler smoke.
Base SKU: Corona Largo
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   El Rey Corto (Las Vegas Cigar Company)
El Rey Corto hand rolled cigar
Description: El Rey-
This means "the king", and it is with a 62 x 5 size. S If you like a big ring gauge, this is it.  It gives you a lot of smoke and great flavor almost immediately.
Base SKU: El Rey Corto
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   Excalibur (Las Vegas Cigar Company)
Excalibur hand rolled cigar
Description: Excalibur-
With a 52 x 8 3/4" size, the Excalibur is the maximum amount of smoke for those guys who like to smoke for an hour and a half.  A very cool smoke.
Base SKU: Excalibur
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   Fuma (Las Vegas Cigar Company)
Fuma short filler hand rolled cigar
Description: Fuma-
This is my short filler cigar. It has all the tobacco I use in my long filler cigars, it’s just in small pieces.

Wondering the difference between long and short fillers? Be sure to take a look at our VIDEOS section to find out the difference!

Base SKU: Fuma
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   Montefino (Las Vegas Cigar Company)
Montefino hand rolled cigar
Description: Montefino-
The ring gauge of this cigar 52 x 61/2” is supposed to be the optimum ring gauge to smoke which gives you the best combination of smoke and air.
Base SKU: Montefino
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   Nix (Las Vegas Cigar Company)
Nix hand rolled cigar
Description: Nix-
When I first opened my store my son Nick, who was Six years old at the time, was in the store and wanted to make a cigar.  So we gave him some tobacco and he rolled a little cigar.  He gave it to me to smoke, so I did.  A lot of customers were coming up and asking if they could buy a cigar like that, so I started making them and I called them “Nix."
Base SKU: Nix
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   Panetela (Las Vegas Cigar Company)
Panetela hand rolled cigar
Description: Panetela
Another cigar named by the Cubans.  Panetela was a thin, long pastry so they made a thin, long cigar and called it Panetela.
Base SKU: Panetela
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   Rothchild (Las Vegas Cigar Company)
Rothchild hand rolled cigar
Description: Rothchild-
Like the Churchill this cigar was named by the Cubans for La Fete Rothschild, who owned wine vineyards in France. He wanted a short, full bodied cigar.
Base SKU: Rothchild
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   Torpedo (Las Vegas Cigar Company)
Torpedo hand rolled cigar
Description: Torpedo-
This cigar is a 54 ring with the head of the cigar tapered.  Because of the taper, the cigar gets richer as you smoke it. The Torpedo is a fine cigar, with a lot of flavor.
Base SKU: Torpedo
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